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Treatment Consultation Services

A Licensed Professional Here to Guide You

Leah provides consultation services to clients and their families who are seeking guidance in finding appropriate therapeutic services for their needs. Leah has encountered many individuals and families who have struggled to navigate the mental health system, especially with understanding the differences between various treatment facilities, and  levels of care. Leah has connections throughout the mental health field that she utilizes to provide the most comprehensive support possible to clients requiring more intensive treatment.

Leah will regularly consult with clients who are in crisis, and provide short term treatment, focused on assessing and referring clients to the appropriate level of care. In these cases, Leah is happy to act as a liaison with different programs and facilities, to provide the most seamless transition to the treatment that is most likely to meet the client's individual needs. Specifically, Leah has experience working with clients and families who have attended intensive treatment previously, and unfortunately did not have positive experiences and did not feel that they had their needs met in that process. Leah will assist you every step of the way, and follow each client's case for as long as necessary to assure appropriate fit.

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